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An intelligent XRM

An intelligent "XRM" powering the world's best relationship-driven firms to identify, access and win the most valuable opportunities

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An intelligent XRM


Stop the wasted time, missed opportunities, and poor execution from antiquated CRM

Manually entered, stale company, deal, market, activity and contact data

No integration with your team's social and business connections

Unintuitive search vs pushing insights and value to you

An intelligent XRM

Meet Rings

A centralized platform for the entire firm to best identify, win and manage the highest value investments and relationships

A sleek "XRM" with millions of always-fresh companies, people and deals. No manual entry, APIs, or messy integrations!

No more shuffling browsers, logins, and conflicting data. We bring all your public and private data together, keep it fresh, and push important insights to you automatically. It’s the best of all worlds!

It’s the best of all worlds!

Your team’s personal and business networks, connections, always synced and surfaced at their ideal moments

Close bigger deals with higher success rates as Rings automatically surfaces and shows the history behind and strongest connections to the companies and people you’re targeting.

Powerful deal, fund and investor management, finally on one platform!

From sourcing new deals to investor relations,  Rings provides everyone on your team, junior to senior, front office to back, the platform and insights they need to achieve their goal - and because they’re on a unified platform, every part of the business can leverage each others’ data, insights, and networks.

Working with the leading firms in relationship driven industries

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Investment Banking

Wealth Management

Foundations and Endowments

Family Offices

Fund of Funds and Investment Consultants


Commercial Sales

Startup Sales and Partnerships

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Rings connects the dots, surfacing interconnections

Automatically see common investments, relationships and affiliations, to come prepared to every meeting and zero-in on value

Stop relying on serendipity and clicking endlessly between screens and to gather insights.  Rings XRM connects the dots for you, surfacing critical interconnections between your business goals and your firm’s network, deal and activity history, and so much more.

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Intuitive customization and privacy capabilities, no PhD required!

Customize Rings to fit your business on day 1, no coding or consultants required. For the data you’d like to keep private, we’ve got you covered with robust personal and firm-wide privacy controls.

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Lightning fast onboarding with Rings Concierge gets your team going fast

With our wealth of market data, Rings already knows many of the people, companies and deals that matter to you and your “Rings Concierge” can fill in the rest -  making onboarding a breeze.

The future of networking is relationship marketing. Create your Ring.

We map your  firms relationships and find you the strongest path to a new connections to your most important companies and people

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