Do I need a separate CRM with Rings?

No, Rings combines the best of CRM and market-leading data sources in one, so a separate CRM is not required.  However, we are actively working on Rings for Salesforce and other CRM platforms, so please get in touch if you would like to be part of our beta customer cohort for those.


Where does Rings get its data?

Rings has partnerships with market-leading data providers, and also leverages our own research group, Rings Research. However, some of the best data comes from you, our customers, which we display right alongside our own data - no overwriting! And it always stays private unless you choose to share.


Is my data private?

Yes! Although you can see the always-updated data that Rings provides, the data that you and your fellow Ringmembers enter into the platform is always private to your Ring, and is only shared if you so choose.