CRM has been around for 30+ years..

and for professionals that work in relationship-driven sales industries, the typical salesperson-customer relationship (and its associated software!) doesn’t work.

The struggles of CRM for relationship driven industries are many and include:


Integrating and keeping data up to date from all your different platforms

Patching APIs

Patching together APIs from all your different vendors


Deduping, cleaning, and keeping data up to date

A person thinking about their workplace team

Constant Switching

Switching between apps, logins and browser windows to get a single view of data

Logo Rings

Get to know Rings, combining the best of:

Market and deal data

People and contact info

Pipeline and deal management

Network and social graph

Emails and Meetings

Files and Notes

Built on a foundation of smart privacy and sharing (no PhD required!)

The future of networking is relationship marketing. Create your Ring.

We map your  firms relationships and find you the strongest path to a new connections to your most important companies and people

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