Fund of Funds and Consultants

The most advanced platform for Fund Investors to analyze, access and manage top Funds and GPs

The best market, person and company data, without separate subscriptions, manual entry, or messy integrations. All in one platform, purpose-built for top Fund Investors.

Save time and identify new managers and deals faster with always-fresh data on companies, people, funds and deals

Rings does the hard work of gathering and keeping up to date millions of  companies, people, investments and acquisitions, with their full details, kept up to date 24/7 and without the need for expensive outside subscriptions, switching between logins, and deduping CRM data.


Identify, track and analyze global managers, their funds and investments

Seamlessly find new managers, analyze their investments and partners, and use watchlists and saved searches track their activities for future partnership opportunities


Use your GPs and broader network for smarter access and diligence

Automatically surface common links between managers you evaluate and your existing managers, advisors, current and former colleagues and others

Use these to get introduced through the best connections, conduct smarter research, and win bigger allocations more often


One place for your team to manage diligence processes and their stages

Track deal stages, their key internal and external players, and their important files, notes and other related information, all tightly integrated


Achieve 3-level-visibility on your funds, your GPs' funds, and their underlying assets

Add and analyze not just your funds but those of your mangers, all the way down to their underlying companies and funds. Then get "net exposure" and fund performance metrics at a glance whenever looking at new prospect.


Stay ahead of portfolio co-investment opportunities, problem assets and breakout winners

With a deeper understanding, it's easy to analyze and mine your managers' portfolios for co-investment opportunities, companies with the most exposure, problem assets, and more.


The best of your data plus ours, with full privacy

Fund of Funds often have the broadest private market data. With Rings, you can use it to enrich our ever-increasing community data, without overwrites, and with the comfort of knowing  your data always stays private to your Ring.


Plus these benefits:

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Auto syncing of emails and meetings, with smart visibility

Rings automatically syncs your Ring's emails and calendar appointments, from G Suite or Office 365, and surfaces their contents and files on all of the right companies and people.

And with our smart visibility, you can rest easy knowing that their contents will only be seen by those you expect.

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Automatically see common investments and relationships, to come prepared to every meeting and zero-in on value

Stop relying on serendipity and clicking endlessly between screens and to gather insights.  

Rings XRM connects the dots for you, surfacing critical interconnections between your business goals and your firm’s network, deal and activity history, and so much more.

Privacy First

Place yourself, your team or your entire company into our unique "Rings," with only those within that Ring being able to see the private data entered and synced from their colleagues.

Best of all, all Ringmembers still get the latest of Rings always-updated community dataset, right alongside!

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Intuitive customization without coding

We know every customer is different, so Rings was built for easy custom-tailoring: from investment types, to how you manage your network and the intricacies of your deal process.

Lightning fast onboarding, paired with Rings Concierge gets your team going fast

With our wealth of market data, Rings already knows many of the people, companies and deals that matter to you and your “Rings Concierge” can fill in the rest -  making onboarding a breeze.

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The future of networking is relationship marketing. Create your Ring.

We map your  firms relationships and find you the strongest path to a new connections to your most important companies and people

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