The Rings Advantage

Intelligent Interconnections

Rings Intelligent Interconnections

As Rings knows more about you and your Ringmembers’ networks, deal and activity history, pipeline and goals

Rings works in the background to connect all these datapoints and surface the strongest interconnections with the highest potential RoI.

Our cloud data platform, and the intelligence on top, are constantly analyzing, understanding and triangulating your private data vs the market’s.

What does it mean for you?  Your existing customers and partners start showing up as connections to your future clients; your current and past “deals in common” and other business commonalities show up in one click vs hours or days of pre-meeting research; is your hottest prospect part of your lunch meeting’s investments? Is a prospective client part of your dinner meeting’s board?  Rings has you covered.

With Rings, the more you tell us about your and your team’s business and goals, the better we get at surfacing the commonalities. With Rings, achieve your business goals and stop relying on serendipity.  
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The future of networking is relationship marketing. Create your Ring.

We map your  firms relationships and find you the strongest path to a new connections to your most important companies and people

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