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3D Data

Rings 3D Data

Typical CRM ships without data and puts the whole burden on you. This typically means a mess of APIs, integrations, manually uploads and deduping.

At Rings, however, we do the hard work of providing you millions of constantly-updated Companies, People and Investments at your fingertips.

With Rings “3D Data,” all the data you enter never overwrites ours, while everything your team enters stays private to your Ring.

Traditional CRMs, if they have privacy features at all, force users to navigate a maze of roles and policies, and their associated conflicts.  Rings empowers our admins (Ringmasters) to customize many parts of the app on day 1, while intuitive privacy controls, such as placing colleagues into sharing-focused “Rings,” ensure that private activities and other information stay that way.
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The future of networking is relationship marketing. Create your Ring.

We map your  firms relationships and find you the strongest path to a new connections to your most important companies and people

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